In this section you can find frequently asked questions related to LimeSDR-Mini v2.2 board

It is not working, please help.

Avoid vague explanation of encountered issues. Try to provide as many relevant information as you can, for e.g:

  • What hardware are you using? Write exact board name and version as you see on silkscreen.

  • What software and version are you using?

  • What gateware version are you using?

  • Was it working before?

  • Did you modified hardware, software or gateware? If so explain your modifications.

  • Provide steps to reproduce the issue.

Where can I ask for help or report issues?

How to configure FT601 USB3.0 chip?

  • Download FT600ChipConfigurationProgUtility_v1.3.0.2.zip , connect board and hit “Read Configuration” (make sure that any other software is closed and is not using the board). You should see following settings:


    Figure 1: FTDI configuration

    Ignore “Serial number” field. If any other setting are incorrect fix them and hit “Write Configuration”. Close utility and try to connect board to LimeSuite GUI.

I cannot connect board to LimeSuite GUI, no LEDs are blinking how can I recover my board?

  • Try using a different USB 3.0 cable or connect the device directly to a USB 3.0 port. The use of low-quality USB 3.0 cables and USB 3.0 hubs may result in power-related issues.

  • Check FT601 chip configuration, see How to configure FT601 USB3.0 chip? .

  • Reprogram FPGA FLASH memory using JTAG with latest GW lms7_trx_impl1_dualboot.mcs file. Check JTAG programming page and follow FPGA FLASH programming procedure.

  • If FLASH programming was successful you should see blinking LED1 after reapplying power to board.

  • If after fixing FTDI configuration and reprogramming FPGA FLASH you still cannot connect to LimeSuite GUI this would indicate problems with software setup that you are using or board is damaged.